ts(s) is one of those brands that I appreciated, but never thought I’d actually want to buy that much from them. But then this season dropped and I'm all eating my words and wanting to buy this pullover. Why? How many pullovers/popovers/half-plackets can one guy want? At least 6 or 7, right? Did you know that I tried to call this style of shirt a "half-placket" way back in, like, 2008 before the style got popular, but my fellow Illuminati aka friends I talk about clothes with on the Internet were like, "Stop trying to make 'half-placket' happen, Moy. You're weird." Anyhow, this version is better than most half-plackets (I refuse to give up) because it has those rare stealthy hand pockets, which I’m finding are a crucial detail on shirting nowadays.