Shouts to King Ralph and his F/W 14 collection. I always wanted to work for Ralph Lauren. I feel like if you're any kind of normal human being you've wanted to work at, like, Ralph Lauren, Nike and someplace like Wieden+Kennedy. But I think out of all those places I'd want to work for Ralph the most. Sure, It'd be crazy hectic before the runway presentations and press days and getting the styling just right and making sure the bosses have the right coffees and my relationship with my girl would probably be all strained at shit, like at night she'd be rubbing my back, telling me to take a deep breath (REALEST DRAKE LYRIC EVER BY THE WAY) and my mom would be secretly worrying to herself that she pushed me too hard while I was at RISD. But then I'd be the one who remembered what year we always print on a sweater and some gloves and a hat and Ralph would recognize my hustle and give me a front row seat at their super exclusive friends and family runway show as a thank you. Of course, I'd miss the fucking thing because me and Doug Bihlmaier would have been back at The Mansion ripping bongs hits. Either way, it is Ralph tho.