Rajon Rondo's style has evolved drastically throughout his seven-year tenure in the NBA. As a rookie, Rondo would arrive to games and practice wearing baggy jeans and loose fitting clothes. Now that he's a veteran in the league and the style game, his clothes are tailored and fitted to his 6'1" slender frame. 

In a new, never-before-seen visual from his Off The Court episode with NBA.com and American Express, the three-time All-star delved deeper into his sartorial transition and revealed that he's actually been assisting his teammates and coaches off the court. 

"A lot of people do ask me for advice," he explained in the brief segment. " It's kinda crazy because a couple years ago I didn't know anything about it but now I'll be in the locker room with the coaches and they're showing me their ties or asking me questions, so it's kinda funny that it's come to that now."