For the 4th time, A.P.C. has collaborated with designer Louis Wong on a collection of really dope leather jackets. They're expensive as fuck ($705-$1675), but not, like, Saint Laurent expensive, so there's that. For S/S 1, the collaborative effort also features a pinstripe cotton option that we can't really advise because it's just as expensive as fuck, but not nearly as next level as the other offerings. Shit, if you're going to be wearing super exclusive French collaborations you better at least have some leather to lean on, no? I love A.P.C., but there's something stressful about spending hundreds of dollars on clothes that are actually, truly, for really real "minimalist". Like, I'd wear the shit out of this sweater, but at $250 pulling the trigger might require a Xanax. At least with Louis W. you can actually see what you're paying for.