Call it the hat that's too big to fail. Pharrell's domepiece that pretty much stole/blocked out the spotlight at the Grammys on Sunday is still making news. 

Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about the classic Vivienne Westwood accessory, it turns out that it might be the hottest new headwear for L.A. men since the slouchy warm-weather beanie.

A representative of Westwood's online store told The Cut that the shop actually crashed due to high traffic after people learned P's hat was from the designer's fall/winter '82 collection. And the only Vivienne Westwood store in the U.S., experienced such a high volume of calls and inquiries that the brand is re-issuing a limited quantity of the oversized accessory in the West Hollywood boutique.

The hat that was originally inspired by b-boy culture of the '80s will sell for $180 and will be available in black and brown starting in mid-February. So with all the interest, this might just mean that the L.A. chill bro hat of choice no longer be a beanie in 76 degree weather. Can't complain about that. 

And at least they won't be wearing these.

[via NY Mag]