When you were a kid watching Home Alone, Old Man Marley probably made you look at every old scruffy white man as a potential killer. That movie has a lot of scenes that are way too creepy for kids, but the scene with Buzz telling the myth of Old Man Marley as they watch him shovel from their window is one that stands out. It turns out, the creepy house where Marley lived is actually really nice and it's up for sale.

The 6,863 square foot home is located in Winnetka, Illinois and was designed by Chicago architect Benjamin Marshall. It has seven bedrooms, six baths, a swimming pool, and a putting green, so really Old Man Marley had nothing to be grouchy about. If you have $3.1 million to drop on this obscure piece of pop culture, head over to Estately.

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[via Curbed]