They've already got a line of lipstick with MUA, a perfume called "Our Moment" and a host of self-released pieces of merchandise, including sleeping bags and school supplies.

So is it any surprise that these boys (not even sure what their names are. Only know one dude is Harry Styles. Another is called Louis. And that's all I remember, officer), continue cashing in on their millions of screeching, sobbing, aged seven-to-17 fans by coming out with glasses? Not at all. 

The members of One Direction, (did you know people call them 1D? 1D?!?!) joined up with British eyewear company Vision Express to drop a line of girl's glasses. Each pair, which comes in pink, purple, some weird red probably meant to resemble tortoiseshell, and actual tortoiseshell, costs roughly $215. And, because you wouldn't ever buy something without those completely memorable names all over, each member of 1D has signed the arms of the spectacles. Awwww. Cuuuuute. 

If you have any interest in copping these or, at the very least, continuing to clown these godforsaken pageboys of pop, please head here

[via Vision Express]