British architect Norman Foster recently unveiled designs for an extensive bike path that would be built above the rail lines in London. A collaboration between Foster + Partners, Exterior Architecture, and Space Syntax, the "SkyCycle" would be a bicycles-only elevated highway that extends nearly 130 miles with 200 entry points around the city. Foster estimates that the project would allow for up to 12,000 cyclists an hour on each of the ten routes and would result in less cyclist-related accidents and drastically reduce traffic times across London. If approved, construction on the network would be completed sometime within the next twenty years, with the first path estimated to cost around $320 million. 

Living in a city where cars and bikes are encouraged (and required) to share the road, the idea of a separate bike path system is completely foreign. In theory it makes perfect sense, and so does the placement above the train lines, but the distance between entry points could be an issue for those looking for an easy ride from point A to point B. Feel free to share your opinions on this project in the comments below.

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[via Dezeen]