At this point, you probably are aware that it's Paris Fashion Week, and the circus of designers, bloggers, fools insisting they're on the list, photographers, and front-row mainstays is in full force.

Plenty of brands have been debuting their collections, but No Editions' fall 2014 line stuck out in particular. The New York-based brand founded and operated by German designers Nicole Lachelle and Christian Nieseen showed looks that epitomized upcoming styles for the year.

Scaling back on the loud prints that first gained No Editions fame in the first place, Lachelle and Nieseen used a slight palette of black, white and grey for its line of long coats, skinny pants with leather patchwork and shearling jackets. We've seen so many elongated silhouettes and super-slimmed down bottoms by now that it's practically being drilled into our heads - get a mid-thigh falling coat and skinny pants, immediately. 

Alright, jeez. We're out the door.

No Editions for more.

[via No Editions]