After releasing three separate installments of the New Era x Andy Warhol collection, the classic cap brand has continued with themes of artistry - but this time, the vibes are wholly different.

No pop-art, no prints of Marilyn Monroe here: just one Kid Robot lookin' cartoon synonymous with Burn Rubber, the Detroit kicks spot that recently came out with a pair of game-changing New Balances

The 59Fifty fitteds come in a host of colors named after various areas in the Midwestern state: "Cass," "Central," and "Northern" among them. (Burn Rubber's known for giving deep nods to its roots in Michigan).

The brand's name is stitched in corresponding colors on the back.

Each hat goes for $45.00, and is now available in-store at 202 West 4th Street in Royal Oak, or online.

[via Burn Rubber]