nanamica's sping/summer 2014 collection is here, and from the looks of it, the collection is just as amazing anything the brand has ever released. 

Sticking to its clean lines and outdoor functionality, we're presented with a wide range of outerwear, all slim and all technical. The cruiser jacket returns for a lightweight alternative, perfect for when it's no longer brick out. There's also a dope club jacket in deep navy, striped T-shirt and long sleeve, and a few button down shirts, all of which follow a nautical theme. In addition, nanamica hits you with a good-looking varsity jacket you could easily layer over, well, anything really. 

It's a strong release from top to bottom. 

And the great news is, a portion of the collection is available now at End Clothing. nanamica is hard to find outside of Japan, so be thankful the online retailer ships to the U.S. 

[via End Clothing]