After all the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles has been through recently—including trying to stay even-keeled for funding and jettisoning a high-profile museum director—it looks like the institution will be, for the moment, just fine.

Three years ago, the Museum was ready to close doors on behalf of its lack of funding. In April 2013, MOCA still desperately drummed up funding to make the endowment worthwhile. So here we are, nearly a year later, and museum financial officials say the endowment for the space has reached at least $100 million (in 2010, the museum had just $18 million to its name).

Jeffrey Deitch bounced, but this is still the museum that held “Art In The Streets,” a massive show of graffiti and street art in 2012. We're thrilled to see any institution of this (or any) order keep doors open. Now, we’re also talking about the release of two museum co-chairs, Maurice Marciano and Lilly Tartikoff Karatz. Read all the details on the Wall Street Journal.

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[via The Wall Street Journal]