Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle have been working on their project MINIMIAM since 2002. Professional food photographers by day, they are a creative culinary art duo by night. The French artists liven up typical food spreads with the addition of tiny plastic figurines. Each scene depicts a different tale: Batman being called into action by a cookie, a skateboarder using an avocado as a half-pipe, a fleet of astronomers conducting the world’s first pumpkin landing.

The project began as an experiment in miniature photographic narratives and served as an outlet for deep-seeded passions—Ida used to fill journals with tiny food drawings and Javelle is a self-confessed comic lover. Since its inception, the project has been an outlet that allows the artists to have some fun and venture into new territory.

Ida and Javelle’s project has been featured internationally in gallery exhibits and publications in the artists’ preferred presentation format: each scene is presented with side-by-side photos, one that captures the larger picture, another that zooms in on the miniature figurines.

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