MF DOOM doesn't make too many appearances, but when he does, you know he's about to drop some dope shit. And while this mainly pertains to musical projects, this time it's something that hip-hop heads are still going to go wild for. The masked supervillain emerged from the his evil genius lair to give an up-close look at the soon-to-drop Clarks Original Wallabee that is slated for spring/summer 2014, meaning they'll be on shelves very soon.

Doom seems stoked to be involved with the project, especially since the kicks are such a classic staple of hip-hop style. "Only rich cats hads theese back in the day," he says in the above video. But when thinking of what he could add, Daniel Dumile kept it subtle. The few touch-ups included reflective piping in the laces, contrast stitching, and a Metal Face insignia. Wallos are a must in the wardrobe of any hip-hop fan, and if you're as much a DOOM fan as we are, these are an insta-cop once they hit shelves.

[via Egotrip Land]