Early last year, Sandro released their Pre-Spring "Baseball" collection and that shit was wall to wall bangers. The luxe SK-8 Hi's I copped were probably my wisest sneaker purchase of the year. Anyway, Sandro is ready to drop their Spring/Summer 2014 collection and there are some noteworthy pieces, if nothing to go completely apeshit over. Like, that navy satin bomber with the zipper that extends around the collar and the long sleeve tee with the white sleeve print both look pretty awesome, but neither are on a Sandro baseball jersey level of rarity. This Russian girl I went to college with once told me she really likes when dudes wear Sandro, so there's always that to consider. She wore tons of Chloe and Celine and other dope shit, so, basically what I'm saying is, if you wear Sando you might end up with a Russia girlfriend with impeccable style. Or you might just still be lonely ol' you with slightly doper clothes. Not making any promises here.

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