From the streets of Paris comes Études, a label who, six months ago, blew us away with their S/S 14 collection, boasting bold primary colors in addition to rare silhouettes. For F/W 14, the label decided to join team #trill with their "True Real" collection, which—we get it—sounds like it's going to be some Hood By Air knock-off shit, but, in all actuality, is much more digestible than HBA's often too insane for words aesthetic. With pentagrams (one inspiration behind the collection is the intersection between black metal and hip-hop) woven into sweatshirts, accompanied by reversible MA-1's, belted trench coats and bold, geometric graphics (Bauhaus-inspired), the collection pushes the boundaries of traditional sportswear without wandering too far off the reservation. Most importantly, Études feels authentic, which is why the gear is so good. And that, my friends, is, indeed, both true AND real.

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