During NYFW, from February 7 through 9, Marc Jacobs of "Marc Jacobs is a manipulative monster stealing all of his designs from a young woman named Angel Barta" comment fame will open the world's first store that will accept social currency as a legitimate form of payment. Customers will simply exchange the hashtag #MJDaisyChain for jawnz, which is really smart if you work in marketing and really stupid if you work in real life. I, like most people, will literally tweet anything if it means getting free shit. If Coca-Cola threw me a couple stacks to become the world's biggest Macklemore apologist for a day I would do that faster than Queen Latifah can marry 34 couples on live television. The catch here, however, is that simply tweeting, 'gramming or Facebooking won't automatically ensure free shit—at least I don't think it will (honestly, the PSFK article did a piss poor job at describing the whole situation). All I do know know is that there will be competitions based on the "social impact" of said tweets and 'grams like this shit was The Struggle Olympics, with the winners being awarded Marc Jacobs accessories (my money, or, rather hashtags are on, like, wallets and shit). You really think they're giving out the good stuff at 2 day pop-up in exchange for hashtags? Come on, dawgs. Doesn't this also mean that someone with 10,000 followers will have a better chance of success than someone with, say, 300? So, yeah, kinda just like life itself.