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Calvin Klein ads are known to stir up some controversy that often results in billboards getting taken down. But a new Tumblr has emerged, and this will cause more laughs than make the American Family Association's blood boil. The C.K. One cologne ads are spoofed placing another famous C.K. as the spokesperson for the brand, and that is none other than comedian Louis C.K.

The C.K. One fragrance is described as “clean and contemporary with a refreshing green tea signature throughout.” But if this went into actual production it might reek of piss, sweat, and belly button lint. Collectors bottles look like they come with fries also.

There’s no connection between these two famous C.K.’s but the comedian must get asked a lot if he’s related to the designer. Imagine sharing your initials with someone else more famous than you. It must get annoying with all the jokes. If this is a promotional tool for Louis C.K., it’s fucking genius. They even went as far as making a fake commercial, which can be watched below.

Visit the Luis C.K. One Tumblr page for more laughs.

[via Design Taxi]