If you've ever wanted to lock eyes with the poker-faced Salvador Dalí, you now can with a new app called The Dalí Museum Staring Contest. Created to support the Dalí Museum and its current exhibition "Warhol: Art. Fame. Mortality.," the app allows users to have a staring contest with the surrealist painter, but here's the thing: Dalí always wins.

“Dalí and [Andy] Warhol’s obsession with celebrity is the motivation for this Staring App,” museum executive director Hank Hine tells Co.Create. “It puts us face to face with stars of the art world, and they look right back at us. But they stay engaged with us only as long as we keep our focus on them. And Dali had an immense ego. The fact that he always wins the staring contest is a gleeful reminder of this.”

While the app was launched to help promote the Warhol exhibit, it was also very much inspired by the king of pop art himself.

“Warhol was radical in the way he used media to determine his subject matter—glossy tabloids, newspaper photos with their grain and haphazard quality, screen prints," Hine elaborated. Therefore, it's fascinating that 27 years after Warhol's death, we're still obsessing over him—except this time, we are engaged through iPhones and fun apps like The Dalí Museum Staring Contest, something we suspect Dalí and Warhol would both have approved of. Check out the app's instructional video below.

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[via Co.Create]