Denver-based artist Lawrence Argent is not afraid to think big. His public installations include an enormous bear peering into a convention center in Denver, a giant rabbit leaping across the Sacramento Airport, and 20-foot high blades of grass in Englewood, Colo. Argent's newest project stays true to his blown-up aesthetic—a huge panda bear that hangs over the Chengdu IFS in China called "I AM HERE."

The black-and-white creature is 15-meters tall, weighs 13 tons, and was lifted by four cranes to a height of 35 meters in the air. In the timelapse video above, workers assemble and lift the panda into the air, a seemingly impossible feat.

"I AM HERE" was created in collaboration with AllRightsReserved as a charity project to raise awareness about the dwindling population of pandas. 

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[via Hypebeast