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The New Museum in New York City recently announced their programming all the way through January 2015, and with that comes news of 2013 Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost’s first solo U.S. museum show. Opening February 12 and running all the way to April 13, “For Forgetting” focuses Provoust’s multidisciplinary work. Combining aspects of visual art with installation and confrontational video pieces, Prouvost will install an immersive new work in the lobby of the New Museum. It will be a similar work to her piece Wantee, for which she won last year’s Turner Prize.

Here's a brief from the museum: 

For her New Museum presentation, Prouvost will present For Forgetting (2014), a new work that will include a semicircular collaged mural, a multichannel video installation, scattered sculptural elements, and a film. Centering on the problems as well as the possibilities of memory and forgetting, the piece addresses the arbitrary distinctions that can be ascribed to power and possession. For Forgetting expands Prouvost’s multilayered investigation of the slippages between systems of communication, and conjures diverse interpretations dependent on how one perceives or remembers the story.

We'll keep an ear out for any more details.

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