In October, the luxury retailer Lane Crawford opened a new location in Shanghai’s Times Square. This is the retailer’s largest space, encompassing 150,000 square feet and stretching four stories into the sky. The luxury specialty store called on award-winning international design firm Yabu Pushelberg to design the new location, a firm with whom the retailer has had a relationship with for nearly a decade.

Yabu Pushelberg’s design concept for the space reflects the mood of the future of luxury: edited and more pared down. The firm adopted a modern, gallery-inspired approach to the retail space, creating an elegant shopping experience. They sought to animate the large building with a sense of discovery, one that would guide shoppers through the location using a series of open rooms and cleverly-placed art installations to bridge multiple spaces, creating a dynamic and adventurous atmosphere. The interior space is dominated by a neutral color scheme, punctuated by rich purples, muted blues, and lively oranges. The building’s base materials include English onyx and limestone, which have a calming and unifying effect on the entire store. Each level of the retail location features custom art pieces.

“Art elevates our work,” says George Yabu, “commissioned art and custom finishes clearly differentiate this store from any other.”

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