Everybody's on that gum sole tip, which means you dickbags are probably gonna want, like, faux cement soles or some shit right about...NOW. These Reebok EMBs are made with embossed suede which makes them pretty ill. Embossed camo print is nice and subtle and won’t have all your hypebeast friends shitting on you for still wearing camo because they won’t really look that closely at your shoes to begin with since they're Reeboks. The key to being a hypebeast is to give cursory glances to other people's gear and then deem your fit better. I would wear these with basically what I wear everyday, which is a shirt and pants for those of you keeping score at home. What'd you expect me to say? A shawl and neoprene scuba pants? Puh-lease. I don’t talk about these alphets. They speak for themselves.