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Year: 1999
Art direction: Kenny Gravillis
Photography: Corbis

"I love this cover because it was inspired by the great Reid Miles' Blue Note album covers. It shows the intelligence of the artist and their unflinching nature to face injustice head on.

I actually went to New York to meet with Ahmir [?uestlove] and Tariq [Black Thought] about the cover. They originally had an illustration that no one at the label liked. So my job was to sell them on another idea. The concept of 'visual failure in society' on the cover of an album called Things Fall Apart just made sense. Once they agreed, I went back to LA and researched Bettmann archives, which have great historical photography. We must have pulled about 40 different covers, and, in the end, the multiple covers concept came from the inability to pick just one.

To make having all the covers a special thing, we came up with a message that only makes sense when all the covers are flipped over and put together in a row. On the front, there is a code that gives you the order of the covers one to five. It's shown through the squares in the title bar. Back then, it was always about trying to come up with unique things that made the fans excited."