This is part of a daily, week-long feature series where we asked legendary designers about their favorite rap album covers from the '90s.

After five years at Def Jam's The Drawing Board, Kenny Gravillis became the creative director of the Black Music Division at MCA Records on the West Coast. Gravillis worked on Mary J. Blige's albums Share My World and Mary, Common’s Like Water for Chocolate, and The Roots' Things Fall Apart. He even branched out to design for Babyface, Usher, and Third Eye Blind. After leaving MCA, Gravillis connected with old friends Steve Carr of The Drawing Board and Brett Ratner to re-brand his design firm as a visual communications company to work on movie ads for Dr. Dolittle 2 (directed by Carr) and Ratner's Red Dragon. Today Gravillis is the co-owner and creative director of Gravillis Inc. Most recently, he has worked on TV and film advertisements for Vice and Kick-Ass 2. Read stories about the history of rap album art from the man himself with Kenny Gravillis' 10 Favorite Rap Album Covers of the '90s.

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