Kanye West is definitely one of the most stylish celebrities out there. And while it's great if you're inspired by the niche labels he brings to the forefront, or the risks that he takes, there are other dudes that swaggerjack Kanye to the maximum. These style Stans pay attention to every little thing Yeezy does, and instead of taking cues and tips from Ye, it's all about correctly imitating their idol. 

Wondering if you're a Kanye style stan? It's more than just copping the Yeezy IIs or immediately purchasing whatever he puts his name on. It extends beyond your outfit and into almost every facet of life. So check out this list documenting 10 Signs You're a Kanye West Style Stan, and if it sounds like a description of yourself, then you might want to emigrate from Swagistan as soon as possible.

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