Kanye West broke down his concept, creative vision, and experiences in the fashion industry during the debut of his second capsule collection with A.P.C. in Paris on Saturday. 

Clad in an understated white shirt and acid wash jeans, a nervous-seeming Ye showed a small group assembled inside the Rue Madam shop his work with the 27-year-old French brand. He reportedly spoke for about five minutes on his struggle with creative autonomy before introducing the garments, saying that people were trying to convince him not to get involved in anything besides music. But he insisted that he needed complete freedom for his own forms of artistry, which required different platforms and multiple venues.

"In 2013, I just decided to turn up," Kanye said, according to Forbes. "You know what, I tried approaching it in a tasteful way. Let me try approaching it in an extremely non-tasteful way. In a very fuck-the-world type way. Where all of this is a dream. And instead of it being a nightmare, or a frustrated expression that you can't get out of, let me see if I can, like, get people to understand this." 

Ye also touched on how much he despised being stuffed into a box reserved solely for musicians, and nothing more. 

"If I ever looked mad, I was," he said, adding that having a family not only calmed him down, but also became a source of inspiration for his work. 

"I've been showing my ideas for 10 years on the front row of the runways," he continued. "Hip-hop is an expression of clothing. Some people don't understand that."

Kanye gave major credit to A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou, with whom he's been working closely for the capsule collection, comprised of six full looks. 

"Jean is teaching me how to drive," WWD reported Ye as saying. "I've had a bad education in fashion. I learned fashion on Style.com...I'm really happy with this [collaboration] because I'm starting to be able to express myself."

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