Lena Dunham's cover for the February issue of Vogue is still generating headlines. Apparently, Kanye West confronted the magazine's chief editor Anna Wintour at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge about why the Girls star made the cover instead of Kim Kardashian.

No word yet if anyone ordered the spaghetti bolognese.

An insider source of Radar's said that, during a recent lunch where the two had an "intense" talk, Kanye was lobbying hard to get Kim on the cover, saying Kim is, "just as talented as Lena, if not more so." The anonymous insinder (always a questionable source) also said, "He thinks Anna is listening to a bunch of ‘know-nothing’ corporate haters, as he put it. He’s upset that Anna isn’t willing to do him this personal favor and put Kim on the cover."

As adidas and Nike now know, once Kanye sets his mind on a goal, he'll remain pretty persistent until he sees his ends achieved. However, he's going against the personality of the seasoned pro who semi-inspired the fashion-boss-from-hell in The Devil Wears Prada

[via Radar]