Kanye West and A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou gave a joint interview yesterday on the the French show "Le Grand Journal." In the interview, the two spoke on working together, the differences between the first Kanye x A.P.C. collection and the upcoming one, and what it was like to sing in a couture Maison Martin Margiela mask. Besides Kanye's answers, the interview is conducted in French, but we translated the best bits below. However, the best part might be the behind-the-scenes footage of the two working together to create the second season of the collaborative project.

Interviewer: We want to talk about music, fashion, design, architecture. You are an unstoppable global artist—do you agree with that?
Kanye: Yes... I have no other answer other than yes.

Interviewer: Is your love for fashion as strong as your love for music?
Kanye: I just love creating... music, fashion, architecture, art... I'm addicted to dreams. Clothing or stage design or an album, it's all art projects, and life is art.

Interviewer: We spoke about your first meeting with Jean, did you already know him before that first meeting, did you know his work?
Kanye: [Annoyed] Yes, that's why I asked to meet him!

Interviewer: Second time you've worked together, first collaboration had eight pieces?
Jean Touitou: Yes, it's much more this time, we are doing much more together. Sometimes I had the difficult task of holding back Kanye's creativity but we always found a middle-ground.

Interviewer: Kanye has the reputation of being a control freak, did you find this?
Jean Touitou: No. I didn't find that. What was difficult was that he was working right up to the very, very last minute. 

Interviewer: Is it practical to sing in a Margiela mask?!
Kanye: Oh, yeah it's cool! It helped very much 'cause it gave me the opportunity to perform without being a celebrity.

Jean Touitou: It's true Kanye is a maximalist, but he is also a minimalist, he's a mix of the two. It's like fire and water.
Kanye: You were talking about maximalism and minimalism... I thought that the [Yeezus] album cover is very A.P.C. in that way.