It was in the late 1970s, (or early 80s, she can't remember,) when stylist Maripol first made Madonna dance in her underwear onstage. The two women were in a smoke-filled corner of New York City heyday club the Roxy, and Fab Five Freddy from "Yo! MTV Raps" asked the French expatriate if she knew any "cute girls."

"I turned around and saw Madonna and asked her if she would want to go onstage," Maripol said during an interview in 2013. "I asked her if she had a nice bra on...and I asked her to actually take her top off. And the rest is history." 

It was this unabashed and bold move that propelled Madonna into cone-shaped chest, underwear-as-outerwear fame, while simultaneously putting Maripol on the map as one of the forward-thinking stylists of the time. Maripol, who also worked as a jewelry designer and photographer, would go on to create the jelly bracelet and cultivate a close relationship with model Grace Jones.

It makes sense that Joyrich would seek out such a style heavyweight for a collaboration to herald the opening of its first pop-up shop overseas. The Los Angeles-based company, which has enjoyed solid success stateside since its conception in 2007, has created a capsule collection with the woman who made films for Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The line includes jackets, a backpack and money belt, and will be available at Machine-A, a shop located in London's Soho neighborhood that stocks Raf Simons and Dr. Noki

The Joyrich pop-up will open on Monday, January 6 at Machine-A, 13 Brewer Street. If you're in the area, come swoop the leather-sleeved jacket splashed with the letter M and photos of, yes, Grace Jones.

More at Joyrich or Machine-A.

[via Joyrich]