Jolly Rancher (the Hershey brand) narrowly avoided a Twitter beef with the street art world recently following an ill-advised tweet and Photoshopped image of 5 Pointz. The tweet read "5 Pointz untamed" and featured a whitewashed photo of the building, with a full-color overlay of a Jolly Rancher candy and the brand's logo. The message they were trying to send was clearly not the message that was received by 5 Pointz, as they tweeted:

Hershey's spokesperson Anna Lingeris responded. Here is the Twitter conversation as it transpired:

In response to a fan's commentary on Jolly Rancher's apology tweet, @5PointzNYC then tweeted "they did not know better they will ..lets embrace endorsement with Hersheys and build for a great wall." Legeris liked the tweet, so everything seems to be copacetic. A Hershey x 5Pointz mural seems the only logical next step.

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