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If you’ve not gotten enough exposure recently to the king of neo-impressionist painting, via a recently uncovered instrumental track posted to the web, a new photographic exhibition will show you everything you wanted to know about SAMO. A series of 35mm nude portraits of every rapper’s favorite painter to namedrop, Jean-Michel Basquiat, will be revealed at an exhibition opening Thursday, January 16. “Jean-Michel Basquiat Reclining Nude,” by Paige Powell, will be shown at the Suzanne Geiss gallery until February 22.

Like many filmmakers and photographers who shared a relationship with the painter (mostly thinking about Tamra Davis, here) Powell was allowed to take stock of Basquiat as he appeared to her, vulnerable, in his most productive state. As the description of the show states:

On view is a series of black and white 35mm nude portraits of Jean-Michel Basquiat made in 1983 in Powell’s then Upper West Side apartment. Like many nights during Powell and Basquiat’s two year relationship, the images show the painter relaxed on a futon, drawing while watching cartoons. Earlier that year, Powell used the apartment to show work by Basquiat, AOne, and Rammellzee. Several of the paintings are visible on the walls of the living room where Basquiat reclines. The photographs were taken with Powell’s Canon camera, which she carried with her everywhere.

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[via Suzanne Geiss]