If someone gave you millions of dollars, what would you do? Would you use your cash flow to attend upwards of 100 NBA games a year? Would you build your dream home with a famous architect? Would you do both? LA resident James Goldstein did. A lifelong basketball fan, Goldstein grew up watching the Milwaukee Hawks. At the age of 15, he was hired by the team to keep statistics. Once he got a taste of the courtside life, he was hooked.

Goldstein has earned the nickname “NBA Superfan” for his stellar attendance rate, especially at Lakers and Clippers home games, where he has an impressive 95% attendance record. His devotion to the sport has led to friendships with a number of high-profile ballers, including Wilt Chamberlain, Sam Cassell, Dennis Rodman, Clyde Dexter, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

The story begins in the early ‘70s. Goldstein tells the tale of a harrowing purchase—someone almost stole his dream home right out from under him. Once the deed was secure, Goldstein went about looking for someone to help him spruce the place up. He selected John Lautner for the project. Lautner was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of Goldstein’s favorite architects. Construction began in 1979. The pair decided to revamp the place using concrete, wood, and glass to create a space-age flair. The walls of the structure are made almost entirely of glass, which allows natural light to flood inside. The interior has an open layout with much of the furniture built in. There is, of course, a room where he can view the few NBA games he doesn’t see live. The landscaping surrounding his home recalls secluded gardens. The exterior is surrounded by a wooden veranda, which, in one area, retracts to reveal a Jacuzzi. Oh yeah, they filmed scenes from Charlie's Angels there, SO YOU KNOW IT'S REAL.

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