The Doge meme owned 2013, so much so that it inspired a form of currency. One redditor and Dogecoin fan named Grazsebastian took things to another level when he proposed the use of a new font in place of often hated Comic Sans: "I know the Comic Sans that is currently used is a integral part of the "Dogecoin brand" lets call it but it's not considered but be a very professional font choice. I think if we are to grow as a currency we need to have a unique identity - and a custom tailored typeface is a first step towards that." Grazsebastian uploaded a working draft of the font and asked for suggestions so that the "Dogecoin community" could perfect it together. 

While we wouldn't call ourselves fans of Comic Sans, we never really understood the Internet's overwhelming hatred of it. The idea of a collective building a new font for themselves is cool, but there are lots of others to choose from if they wanted a more "professional font." It may be too soon to write the font off completely, but in its current state, we don't see a drastic improvement. Compare for yourself and let us know which is better in the comment section below.

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[via ANIMAL]