Hans Ulrich Obrist is one of the world’s most prolific art curators. Co-director of Serpentine Gallery in London, he is also famous for his innovative curatorial projects, such as his Instagram collection of artists’ wise words, a project he calls "Art of Handwriting."

Obrist began "Art of Handwriting" in 2012, and since then Kanye West, Marina Abramovic, Bjôrk, Olafur Eliasson, and many others have contributed handwritten notes on scraps of paper, which Obrist posts on his Instagram account. Obrist’s ongoing project transposes a modern form of media over an effort to preserve the archaic art of handwriting—he curates an art exhibit in the most futuristic gallery space, the Internet.

In the past, Obrist began many other conceptual art projects. He has recorded nearly 2,000 hours of conversations with artists in "The Interview Project." In 1997, Obrist began the “do-it” exhibition, in which artists write instructions for anyone to follow. More recently, Obrist began the "89plus" project with fellow curator Simon Castets in order to study the generation born in or after 1989. 

"Art of Handwriting" is just the latest in Hans Ulrich Obrist’s curatorial repertoire, one in which he toys with the ideas of past, present, and future. He says, “I see the handwriting project as an Instagram group exhibition which grows organically over time. It’s fascinating to read the comments. At the beginning, I had mostly art world followers but in the last three weeks many people from other worlds started to follow me which is exciting. I always believed that curating is about building bridges.”

These are The Best Notes From Hans Ulrich Obrist's "Art of Handwriting" on Instagram, Check out more of his Instagrams here.

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