Industry Of All Nations is not your average brand. As the IOAN team says it, they "are not creating a new brand just to fill up shelves." Along with v cool clothes, the still-fairly young label (founded in 2010)  makes it a point to improve upon its methods of production, and raising the quality of life of those who are behind the creation of its products. After all, it's mantra is "It's not what we do but how we do it." 

IOAN's main focus is to take manufacturing back to the place where garments and materials originate. It wants to "combine environmental and social awareness while promoting fair trade and open borders for all nations." The spring/summer 2014 collection alone is full of awesome basics, such as insanely soft cotton tees, jeans, printed shorts, and button-up shirts. But the most impressive aspect is that they were made by communities in places like India, Africa, and maybe a few others you could only wish to someday travel to. Frankly, IOAN's mission to improve the lives of those who create our apparel make the products all the more worth copping. 

Look out for IOAN's spring/summer 2014 collection to hit the web next month.