Street artist Hanksy somehow got access to an abandoned brownstone in Manhattan (we don't ask those kinds of questions) and decided that it was a good place to create art. He called about 30 friends including Icy and Sot, Moustache Man, Royce Bannon, A.S.V.P.Gilf!, and Edapt and they got busy painting just about every surface, from the toilets to the appliances. The art show is being called "Surplus Candy" and it's going down right now (January 10 between 8pm and 10pm). The location has been kept under wraps, but Hanksy left this clue on his Instagram page: "8-10pm tonight is the Surplus Candy walk thru. Located in the Alphabet City brownstone where @cernesto and @el_cekis painted a colorful mural in 2005. See you there!"

Call somebody who knows somebody who can figure that out because we won't tell you, it's a part of the fun. Maybe we'll see you there.