London’s Hang-Up Gallery is one of those spots that keeps popping up on our radar. Just a week or so ago, we had it in our list of street art galleries you should know about—they represent the likes of Swoon, Copyright, Hera, King Robbo, and more. The gallerists there are vowing to have a big 2014, right out the gate announcing a spate of original new works for sale at not totally unreasonable prices—check out the beautiful new works by Mark Powell, Banksy, Charming Baker, Butch Anthony, and a grip of others above. Then head over to the Hang-Up Gallery website to try and score one of these bad boys.

In the meantime, Lauren Baker’s mind-blowing show “You Blow My Mind” wraps at the gallery on January 24, at which time the work of graphic artist Patrick Thomas will adorn the walls. Here’s a preview image from the show: 

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