Givenchy just dropped its new S/S 14 sneaker collection and the shit ain't that bad (I'm just being honest). The high-top styles are basically the same fashion-forward Air Force 1 Tisci has been doing for a minute, but aren't as literal as Hender Scheme's or even Common Projects' versions. That said, you could just wait a month for Riccardo Tisci's take on an actual Air Force 1. Also, in the Givenchy collection is a floral slip-on we probably could probably swag out (but would never pay hundreds for), as well as some sandals that are just complete and utter fuckery. But now that I think about it, the floral print sandals are just crazy ass Birkenstocks, a style which, according to our official #influencer egg timer, have about 3 more months of solid relevance left before they become wack again.