Riccardo Tisci recently unveiled the Givenchy Pre-Fall 2014 collection—one he describes as "elegant, yet urban"—in New York City. By the looks of it, the highly-respected Tisci has found his groove, perhaps drawing inspiration from previous collections to create something focused and fresh in his latest work. 

The new collection isn't quite as different and abrasive as, say, the spring/summer 2014 collection we saw last year, but there are definite hints of that here. References to the mechanical feel of cities aside, similar bold colors and stripes in red, blue, white, and yellow are seen on a sweater and a dope bomber jacket—one that also happens to have a graphic on the front that resembles the popular Madonna print Jay Z, 2 Chainz, and a other celebrities couldn't get enough of. He even brings back the signature "stars" for a few pieces. Perhaps the only thing missing here is the religious iconography he's come to love and become known for. 

Tisci told Style.com that the collection "comprises the ten essential looks for the Givenchy man." It's also the perfect combination of all the things we've come to love about the brand and Tisci's work. Start saving those pennies. 

[via Style.com]