Polish street artists Sainer and Betz, aka ETAM Cru, have been livening up the Eastern European urban landscape with surreal and comical murals since they’ve been active. Their artworks are known for their vibrant color schemes and emotive subject matter. Their figures are often anime-esque, painted with bold, sharp angles and eye-popping hues. The duo frequently makes use of irregular building façades and has been known to adorn multiple sides of one structure with a single mural.

Recently, ETAM Cru was invited to the U.S. to transform an American façade as part of the Richmond Mural Project. The piece, entitled Moonshine, has become wildly popular. It depicts a dark-haired girl relaxing in a jar of strawberries. The girl wears a dark red headband that matches the iridescent garnet of the strawberry juice.

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[via ThisIsColossal]