Dennis Rodman's weird relationship with Kim-Jung Un and Dennis Rodman's tumultuous relationship with a mirror have gone full tilt with his latest trip back to North Korea. Taking six former NBA players with him to pay homage to the diabolical leader by playing a basketball game for him on his birthday was yet another one of Rodman's stunts to prove his relationship with Un is just really fucking weird.

The Dutch Oven Rodman has planted may be solely based on this relationship he's built with Kim-Jong Un, but it's really hurting the U.S.'s chances of establishing any serious talk about resolution. And you want to know why? Because the Worm's wardrobe is shit. There. Pink scarves, scarves galore and the same damn tuxedo vest? It's finally been said and we can all realize why Dennis Rodman's Wardrobe Is Ruining Any Hope of Decent U.S. and North Korea Relations.