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A lot of people have very negative opinions about David Choe because of his IDGAF attitude and lifestyle, and he couldn't care less. He has lived his life more like a rockstar than an artist and he uses his popular DVDASA podcast with Asa Akira to tell some pretty crazy stories about the people, places, and things he has witnessed.

In a recent episode, Choe talked about the recent cold spell that Los Angeles has had and about his attempt to help the homeless people down in Skid Row. Choe bought a few hundred tents and drove through the area handing them out, because he is a good guy. The story about his genuine humanitarianism is bizarre and cool, but also kind of sad. Choe realizes that no matter what he does to help, it will never be "enough." That depression and hopelessness are things that Choe has grappled with personally and he has said that in order to be great, artists have to have those kinds of internal struggles constantly. It's a pretty grim outlook but one that seems to be working for him.

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