To kick off its 2014 art season, Moderna Museet will open the doors to "Dance Machines—From Léger to Kraftwerk" tomorrow, Jan. 22. Just as its name might suggest, the exhibition is a portal into the past when visionaries like Fernand Léger and other avant-garde artists looked to machinery, dance, and choreography for inspiration. It was a time when artists viewed their subjects not as humans but as "soulless engines" or as "Dance Machines," if you will.

Paintings, photography, drawings, and film by artists like Léger, Giacomo Balla, Aleksandra Ekster, Viking Eggeling, Francis Picabia, and Kraftwerk come together in this rhythm-filled exhibition. The electro band will perform at Cirkus in Stockholm from Jan. 21-23 as an extension to the exhibition.

“Where the early avant-garde wanted to create a new art for a rapidly changing new society, Kraftwerk produced the soundtrack for the 21st century and our digitalized contemporary world,” explains curator Jo Widoff.

"Dance Machines—From Leger to Kraftwerk" will be on view at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm from Jan. 22 until April 27, 2014, and judging from the photos, it's one you probably won't want to miss.

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[via ModernaMuseet]