It seems like wine and cognac label collaborations with street/graffiti artists are as big now as liquor and beer cosigns were for rappers in the 90's, but we don't mean that in a negative way. Looking back twenty years and some people may regret the decisions they made for a quick buck, but higher end drinks don't carry the same stigma, and when done well, collaborations could become awesome collectible pieces that people will covet for decades to come.

COPE2 is the latest artist to have his artwork applied to a wine label. The Bronx native teamed up with 67 Wine & Spirits on the Upper West Side to design a piece for a limited run of La Caldera 67 bottles. The artwork on the labels read "WINE" in style with sharp letters and bright colors. Oscar Garcia, the sommelier and buyer at the store that organized the collaboration said, "I remember seeing the tags fly by on the trains. I wanted to recreate that memory...There are a lot of graffiti artists living in New York but this is an artist with longevity."

The wine only costs $19.99 and will be sold online as well as in the store at 179 Columbus Ave. Follow @MRCOPE2 on Twitter for more updates on the collaboration. 

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[via NYDailyNews