Each month on Complex Art+Design, we publish an enormous amount of content that spans lists, interviews, and news...even we forget how much we wrote about by the time we're on to the next one. Earlier this month, we posted The Best of Complex Art+Design 2013, which highlighted our best work from the last year, but now we're giving you the best of the best in a monthly spoonful (or rather, a plateful, if you consider this a ton of links).

In case you don't follow us on Twitter, or even if you just need a recap of the last month in art and design, here's a breakdown of our top pieces in January 2014 plus links we enjoyed around the web.

Complex Art+Design News:

January 3: Global Track: Projections for Street Art in 2014
January 15: Essay: Mourning a Loss of Intimacy: What the Destruction of the American Folk Art Museum Suggests About How We're Supposed to Look at Art
January 15: Profile: Jesse Hazelip Critiques the American Prison System in His New Exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery
January 17: Global Track: Andrew H. Shirley's "Wasteland"/Wasted Land
January 21: Opinion: The "Racist Chair" Wasn't Racist Until a Russian Socialite Sat on It
January 22: Essay: Pricing Pixels: Breaking Down the Barriers of Selling Digital Art
January 23: Gallery: Photographs of JR Putting Up His Art Series Collaboration with the New York City Ballet
January 23: Gallery: The New Museum Morphs Into a Cold War Vision of the Future for "Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module"

Complex Art+Design Interviews and Portfolio Reviews:

January 13: Interview: Saber Talks "The Ugly American" Opening at The Outsiders in London
January 14: Interview: Alison Jackson, the Artist Behind the Fake Photo of Kanye and North West, Talks the Cult of Celebrity
January 19: Portfolio Review: Photographer Aaron Durand Shares Rare Images of Off-Limits Explorations
January 21: Interview: Matthu Placek Screens "A Portrait of Marina Abramović" at Sundance
January 22: Interview: JR Discusses His Art Series Collaboration with the Dancers of the New York City Ballet
January 24: Portfolio Review: Lucas Price Shares Images of Skulls, Supreme Hats, and the Street
January 24: Interview: Street Artist Amanda Marie Discusses the Dark Side of Her Angelic Stencil Portraits
January 25: Portfolio Review: McKay Felt Shares Curious Characters From His Unforgettable Illustrations
January 29: Portfolio Review: Shawn Huckins Discusses His 19th Century American Painting Memes
January 31: Curator Carol Squiers Answers the Question "What Is a Photograph?", the Title of Her New Show at ICP

Complex Art+Design Lists:

January 6: 20 Artists to Watch in 2014
January 7: The 19 Most Anticipated Art Exhibitions of 2014
January 15: The 50 Greatest Street Photographers Right Now
January 17: Estimating the Net Worth of Kanye West's Design Collection
January 22: 25 Hilarious Photos of Art Fanatics on #MuseumSelfie Day
January 23: Ranking the Five Grammy Award Nominees for Best Album Art
January 27: Cey Adams' 10 Favorite Rap Album Covers of the '90s
January 28: Bill McMullen's 10 Favorite Rap Album Covers of the '90s
January 28: 15 Women Who Are Killing It in Street Art Right Now
January 29: Greg Burke's 10 Favorite Rap Album Covers of the '90s
January 30: Kenny Gravilles' 10 Favorite Rap Album Covers of the '90s
January 31: Brent Rollins' 10 Favorite Rap Album Covers of the '90s

Links Around the Web:

December 31: Q. & A.: Ai Weiwei on Creating Art in a Cage in New York Times
January 5: Robert Indiana: A Career Defined By 'LOVE' No Longer in NPR
January 7: The Return of Paris in Artsy
January 7: 25 Questions for Breakthrough Photographer and Wig Collector Alex Prager in ARTINFO
January 8: Lonely Palette: The Economy of Colour in Spike Jonze’s Her in Random House
January 9: Hannah Höch: art's original punk in Guardian
January 12: Jeffrey Deitch Curates Jeffrey Deitch: The Return of the Art World’s Most Essential Zelig in New York Magazine
January 12: In Baraka, Inspiration Came With Provocation: Questlove Reflects on Amiri Baraka in New York Times
January 14: Top ten most loved and hated London tower blocks in Dazed Digital
January 14: John Baldessari's Unforgivingly Humorous Art in Artspace
January 17: Bob Ross: King of the Tingles in Dazed Digital
January 17: Lost in the Gallery-Industrial Complex in New York Times
January 18: The Americans Are Coming: Warhol, Burroughs, Lynch in Guardian
January 20: The Real Estate Artist Theaster Gates Profile in The New Yorker
January 20: 12 Top Highlights from 2013: The Year in Artsy
January 20: Steve McQueen Interviews Kanye West in Interview
January 22: What’s in that image? Masterpieces like you’ve never seen them before in Washington Post
January 23: Testimony of a Cleareyed Witness: Carrie Mae Weems Charts the Black Experience in Photographs in New York Times
January 24: Aitor Throup on working with Damon Albarn in Dazed Digital
January 27: Warpaint Interpret Their New Album With Warpaintings in This Is Fake DIY
January 28: Kim Gordon Interviews Raymond Pettibon in Interview
January 29: When Is a Mural Not a Mural? in Hyperallergic
January 30: How Shepard Fairey is Debunking Art World Elitism, One Print at a Time in Artsy
February 6: I am not a world improver in London Review of Books