Even though superstar athletes like Victor Cruz have become poster children for professional ballers' recent interest in men's fashion, most people still don't typically associate the NFL with couture level garments. Bloomingdales is looking to bridge this gap by ocommissioning several CFDA designers to craft their own custom football helmets, which will be placed in the store's 59th Street store and later auctioned off. Amongst the designers involved are John Varvatos, the brothers Ovadia, Billy Reid, Donna Karan, Dao Yi Chao and Maxwell Osborne of Public School) and even the Bloomingdales design team themselves. The money made from the auction will then be given to the NFL Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving player safety as well as youth athletics. Of course, this coincides with the first ever NYC-based Super Bowl (well, OK, New Jersey based). We can't wait for some asshole bro to see these and make some flagrant comment about how these helmets are going to make people gay and are ruining the "spirit" of the NFL.