A couple weeks ago, two guys tagged historic trolleys on display in Boston and we said that tagging subway cars was a rare occurrence that people would forget after a day or two. It seems like taggers are trying to prove us wrong because in the last week ANIMAL has reported on three new bombed trains in the Bronx. The piece above was said to be completed back in December before the snow fell on New York City. It features the characters from the MAD magazine comic strip, Spy vs. Spy, meant to represent the two writers responsible, CETE and VEW.

ANIMAL spoke with the duo about the threat of being arrested, why they still write on trains, and the distinction between vandalism and art. To the latter point, CETE says, "Society calls it vandalism. We call it art. At the end of the day, it all turns to shit." Check out the rest of the interview by clicking through here

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[via ANIMAL]