Cam’ron inadvertently previewed a cozy Dipset two-piece while playing a dice game recently. And perhaps rolling a couple headcracks, winning a couple racks in the process. Now he’s for real giving you a preview what else his team has been cooking up in the lab.

His new Instagram picture reveals a line sheet featuring a long and short sleeve tees, with some raglans sleeved items in the mix. The logo-filled gear shows off “HARLEM WORLD” running down one sleeve while the other is filled with stars. Of course American flags, and bald eagle emblems are also thrown in the design. The “1997” is a nod to the year Dipset was founded and the design is a hint back to the old Polo Sport days. 

According to Killa these items will be dropping early next month. It also looks like it won’t be just Dipset USA carrying the line, but Karmaloop also just placed a 400k order. You better start rolling 4-5-6 if you want to stack some bread to cop, but if you have a legit 9 to 5 that’s cool too.