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If you thought you had an expensive shopping habit, just forget everything you know because it does not compare to Buzz Bissinger’s clothing addiction. The Friday Night Lights author stepped into the spotlight last year after he penned an article for GQ confessing his over-the-top wardrobe budget. Actually, he might not have realized how excessive his spending was until he wrote the article. From 2010 through 2012 his spending total went upwards to about $587,412.97, most of which went to Gucci’s pocket. 

After realizing he had a problem, Bissinger went into rehab for his shopping addiction and emerged a new man. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair he reveals that all the Gucci, Ferragamo, and Prada items he purchased sits in a climate controlled storage locker. “It’s just sitting there, kind of pathetic,” he adds.

Bissinger pays $244 for the storage locker, and we don’t think his bankroll will dry out anytime soon. Anything can happen, though, and if it does we can already see a Storage Wars episode. Someone will come out with a winning bid of $500 bucks for a shitty locker not knowing there’s about a half-million dollars worth of luxury goods sitting in there. Until then, try to get a job in media. “If people are nice to me in the media, I may give them a leather jacket. I’ve got a lot of them. Like 80,” Bissinger said.

Side note: We love your work, Buzz.

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